Mobile Inventory App

Make Meals Plus Inventory even easier!

Meals Plus Mobile Inventory easily connects the inventory in your warehouse or school to the information on your Meals Plus Inventory Desktop! With the Mobile Inventory App, you will be able to quickly and efficiently enter and manage items received at the warehouse or site level, all while being offline. The only time you need to be online is to sync your receipts and physicals to and from your Meals Plus Desktop!

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phones with Mobile Inventory app
modal with inventory example for carrots

Receive Inventory

  • Receive Inventory for a Purchase Order or Warehouse Order
  • Edit the Primary or Secondary quantities of an item
  • Edit the Bid Price for the item on a Purchase Order
  • Submit to Meals Plus Desktop


  • Create a Physical for the previous or current month
  • Add items to a Physical
  • Edit the Primary and Secondary quantities of an item
  • Submit to Meals Plus Desktop
modal with Physical example
phone scanner


  • Print barcodes associated with your inventory items
  • Scan barcodes to add Primary Quantities on a Receipt
  • Scan barcodes to add Primary Quantities to Physicals
*Additional Linea Pro sled scanner hardware is required

This Meals Plus Mobile Inventory version currently works with existing Meals Plus customers only. If you are in the Child Nutrition Department at your school district and are interested in Meals Plus, please email or call 1-800-541-8999, option 3.