Close School Year Checklist 2018-2019

Close School Year in V9

**Close School Year is to be completed at the DISTRICT level, not SITE level.**

When You Should Close School Year

1. After all work is completely finished in Point of Sale.

2. Before entering Free and Reduced Applications for the new year.

3. NOTE: If running a Summer School/Year Round program that continues until July, wait to close the school year until these sessions are finished; but you should not enter Free & Reduced Applications for the new year until Summer School is finished and the School Year is closed.

4. NOTE: If you intend to CSY after 6/30/2019 and have not run the MBE for all sites, please call the help desk before 6/30/2019 for assistance.

What Happens When Closing the School Year

1. It cleans up student data to prepare for the new school year.

2. POS: Removes Graduating and Withdrawn students.

a. Sets Status to ‘0’

b. Sets Balances to ‘0’

3. POS: Cleans up Remaining Students.

a. Sets Grades to ‘00’

b. Removes Teacher Names

c. Leaves Balances

d. Leaves Status until updated or it reaches the expiration date

4. POS: Preserves Daily Deposit information from previous year as Read Only. (no changes allowed.)

5. Student Eligibility: Processing: Manage Applications: Archives Applications. Applications and Reports can be viewed as Read-only. (no changes allowed)

6. Student Eligibility: Administration: Meal Benefit Expiration is reset to 6/30/2020 for all sites.

Before Closing the School Year

1. Verify the Server has been upgraded to the latest version. (System Management: Administration: Control File: Latest database version)

2. Complete/update all Point of Sale transactions, adjustments, corrections, etc.

3. Verify all Daily Deposit amounts are correct and Days are CLOSED. (Point of Sale: Serving Reports: Receipts & Collections –OR—Accountability: Reports: Unclosed Dates.

4. Run Depreciation for June (use Fixed Assets: Depreciation, if applicable).

5. Use Point of Sale: Student Reports: Student Roster to verify all withdrawn students are set to status 5. 

6. Verify only graduating students have a graduating grade. (Point of Sale: Student Reports: Student Roster)

7. Print and keep a copy of the Point of Sale Student Roster with Balance and Status. (use Point of Sale: Student Reports: Student Roster)

8. Run Zero Negative Balance utility if you want to zero out all students with negative balances before closing the school year. (use Point of Sale: Utilities: Zero Negative Balance)

9. Verify all Free & Reduced applications for the current school year have been entered, including scanned applications (Student Eligibility)

10. Make sure Verification is COMPLETE. (Student Eligibility)

11. Verify MBE was setup and run for the current school year. (Student Eligibility: Administration: Meal Benefit Expiration –OR—Student Eligibility: Reports: Meal Benefit Expiration)

12. Stop Auto Imports if you host your own data. Go to System Management: Administration: Auto Transfer Settings and uncheck each Day of Week. Click Save. (Only for districts that automatically import student data.) If Meals Plus hosts your data, please contact Meals Plus Support for assistance. Making changes to the Auto Transfer Settings may adversely affect your imports.

13. K12PaymentCenter users—no action is required. Let the Meals Plus service continue to run.

14. Manually Backup the Meals Plus Database using Microsoft SQL.

15. Verify NO ONE is logged into Meals Plus.

Closing the School Year

1. Make sure NO ONE is logged into Meals Plus.

2. Log into System Management: Administration and select Close School Year.

3. Review/fill out Close School Year screen.

a. Verify Current Fiscal Year = 2019

b. Check the Do not delete withdrawn students with account balances box to leave students in Meals Plus who still have a balance on their account, even if they are withdrawn from the district.

c. Check Delete From Grade? and select Graduating Grade from dropdown list if deleting a graduating grade.

d. Click Process.

4. NOTE: Make a backup before Close the School Year. If a backup has not been made, a warning message appears. Click OK on the warning message, then make a Backup, and run Close School Year again.

5. NOTE: Make sure all days are CLOSED in Point of Sale before Close the School Year. If any days are unclosed, a warning message appears:

a. Click Yes to continue Close the School Year with Unclosed Dates, OR

b. Click No to stop Close School Year, Close Dates, and then run Close School Year again. 

6. Read the summary of actions to take place with Close School Year. Click Yes to continue.

7. Review the series of processing screens associated with Close School Year. 

8. Click OK when success message appears: