Student Management

Your students are the heart of your business, and accurate student data is key to ensuring you serve them well.

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Meal Service

Getting students properly fed, and through the line quickly and accurately is your #1 job. Whether it’s in the lunchroom, the classroom, or on the bus, Meals Plus has you covered.

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Menu Management

With Meals Plus, you get a centralized ordering and management system that helps you keep track of commodities, purchased foods, supplies, and more to fully maximize your operation’s efficiency.

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Financial Management

Get real-time, direct access to your financial data. Meals Plus delivers a powerful financial management tool that automates sharing of information between schools and the district office.

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Getting accurate information when you need it is vital to the success of your operations. Meals Plus includes a number of real-time, customizable reports that help you comply with state and federal reporting requirements.

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Program Marketing

We provide a comprehensive, informative and interactive digital menu suite developed specifically for school food and nutrition departments.

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