With Meals Plus, you get a centralized ordering and management system that helps you keep track of commodities, purchased foods, supplies, and more to fully maximize your operation’s efficiency.

Inventory Management

Fully integrated with Meals Plus Menu Planning and production records to automate usage tracking.

  • Mobile App
    • Meals Plus Mobile Inventory makes it easier and faster to record receipts and  physicals! With the Mobile Inventory App, you will be able to quickly and efficiently  enter and manage items received at the warehouse or site level, all while being  offline. The only time you need to be online is to sync your Receipts and Physicals  to and from your Meals Plus Desktop!
  • Bid analysis component
  • Tracks an unlimited number of user-defined categories (USDA, supplies,  processed, etc.)
  • Allows for limited item access by site
Inventory Management image

Menu Planning & Nutrient Analysis

Our Menu Planning & Nutrient Analysis components help standardize and streamline your district’s food service operations.

  • Approved by USDA for use in certification of compliance with National School Lunch  Program meal pattern requirements and for nutrient analyses required in the school  meal programs.
  • Ability to build and add custom ingredients and recipes
  • Post-production record keeping
  • Easy navigation in and out of recipes and ingredients
  • Accessible from central office or school site
Menu Planning & Nutrient Analysis image