Product Release: Auto Update 149 is Now Available

NC Customers – a new Auto Update (149) became available at 2 p.m. Thursday December 12, 2019. Once the Auto Update is received, you will be able to interface with your LINQ interface accurately.

This describes enhancements and corrections for Meals Plus Desktop (V9).

You can retrieve the latest available product documentation from the Meals Plus Customer Support website,

  • NEW! We are excited to announce the ability to require labor hours in your site’s Daily Deposit in order to generate accurate meal per labor hour data.

    • Sites will need to enable this function in Site Setup to begin tracking labor hours.
    • Once enabled, you will have to enter in your labor hours in the daily deposit screen in order to proceed.  NOTE: Values must be greater than 0.00 when inputting in the Daily Deposit.

  • NEW! When creating School Daily Menu Orders, you now have the option to Order by Vendor.
    • When Ordering by Vendor, only items supplied by the selected Vendor will be added to the order for the Site(s) selected for the delivery.  NOTE: There are no restrictions for creating multiple orders for one site for the same day.

  • NEW! Production Records now have a dropdown list that allows users to select and customize the Grade range.
    • The values will default to the meal nutritional standards of the set Cycle Menu for that Production Record.


Other Enhancements



Process Order

  • Users can now select to create a Back Order when processing an order.
    • If Create Back Orders is unchecked, it creates a Warehouse Order for the available items and sets the order to closed.
      • Items that would be backordered will not be processed.

  • Users can also print a Vendor Summary Report for items that are to be backordered. NOTE: If users opt to not create a back order, they should utilize this function before creating the order to create a list of items that will not be added to the order.




Recipe Report

  • The following disclaimer has been added to the bottom of each recipe:
    • CCP: Time/temp of each batch of product will be recorded on the TPHC sheet when the product has been removed from the oven, steamer, stovetop or refrigeration. Products that were placed in hot holding will be removed from the hot holding cabinet and placed on the serving line as close to service as possible.          Product not used within 4 hours from when it was removed from the oven will be discarded.

Cycle Menus

  • Custom Feeding Figures can be entered when applying Cycle Menus.
    • The Feeding Figure entered will represent the Offered Servings on the School Daily Menu.

Point of Sale


Account Setup

  • The character limit of the Special Message text field has increased from 50 to 100 characters.

Student Reports

Teacher Rolls

  • The option to switch the Student Identifier between the Student Number and Serving Number when printing a report has been added.
    • The report header will reflect the option selected.




Point of Sale

Serving Reports

Item Costing

  • The error causing the Total Amount to be indecipherable on the final Item Costing Report has been corrected.


Student Eligibility


Manage Application

  • The error causing the Release Category to not be shown even when enabled has been corrected.


Eligibility by Application

  • The error causing the Medicaid value to be excluded in the Total Amount has been corrected.




Reimbursable Meals

  • The error causing fruit juice to not count towards the Fruit contribution in Reimbursable Breakfast meals has been corrected.


Menu Costing

  • The error causing the Menu Costing Report to not use the Projected Servings value has been corrected.



Production Record

  • The error causing Production Records to print incorrectly has been corrected.


System Management


Auto Transfer Settings: VendorLink

  • The error causing the VendorLink daily job to not process has been corrected.

Student Import

  • The error causing Meals Plus to improperly import names containing an accent has been corrected.

Auto Transfer Settings: Illuminate Import

  • The error causing the Illuminate Import function to fail has been corrected.