Product Release: Auto Update 146 is Now Available!

New Student Information System Security and FC1A Reporting Updates

  • NEW! We are excited to announce that a new version of the Meals Plus VendorLink connector is now available.  The latest update enables OAuth authentication between Meals Plus and VendorLinkIt is strongly recommended that you disable Auto Updates in System Management: Administration: Control File by unchecking the Enabled box.
    • In order to obtain new credentials for VendorLink from ProgressBook, please email us at with the following information: 
      1. Your existing Vendor Identifier (used for account verification purposes)
      2. Your existing Vendor Key for an ITC with which you currently integrate (used for account verification purposes)
      3. Your client application IP(s)/IP range(s) for any clients that will make calls against VendorLink production (used for whitelisting purposes)
      4. The district IRN(s) of the district(s) with whom you are integrated, if you manage multiple districts

        NOTE: If your IP(s)/IP range(s) change in the future, please notify in order to update the whitelist.

      5. The date you would like Meals Plus AU 146 released to you
  • Once we have the required information, Meals Plus will contact ProgressBook to forward the information so they can create the necessary keys to re-enable imports. Once they create the new keys, we can enter them into Meals Plus to verify everything is working as expected.
    1. Your Base URL will be
    2. You will receive an email from with your new Vendor Identifier(s) and Vendor Key(s) from the Auth server after we have verified them.
    3. Please note that the VendorLink methods function the same as they always have. This process only changes the security, not the methods.


Other Enhancements



NC FC1A Setup and Report

  • The accounts and line numbers added by DPI for the 2019-2020 school year will display on the FC1A setup and report.

Import Account Info

  • When the customer imports Account Info into their school lunch menu planning software, standard DPI accounts will be assigned the 2019-2020 FC1A line numbers.


System Management


Auto Transfer Settings: Illuminate

  • The Meals Plus school lunch menu planning software has updated the criteria it uses when importing Primary Contact information to ensure the correct information is being imported from Illuminate.  Additionally, if the Student # and Site exists in Illuminate, and the Student # is not enrolled (which means there is no Enrollment record from Illuminate for the current fiscal year OR there is an Enrollment record but the record has an Exit Reason) then we mark the Student as Withdrawn.