Engaging Tech-Savvy Students with Digital Menu Boards

Today’s students are surrounded by all things digital. Generation Z, born between the mid-1990s and early 2000s, can’t remember a time in their lives without the internet. That means they expect to constantly be engaged and informed. This can make it difficult to promote your lunch program using traditional methods.

Digital menu boards not only give your lunchroom a fresh, updated look but also help increase participation and healthy eating habits. Here’s how:

Meet student expectations set by restaurants.

Especially in high schools, students often choose restaurants and fast-food over the cafeteria. Many restaurants and drive-through lines now utilize digital signage for their menus, so why shouldn’t you? Not only do digital menus give your cafeteria a modern look and feel, but they also allow you to make updates quickly and easily while saving you money on print menus.

Create a shorter perceived wait-time.

With digital menu boards, you can display pictures of food, students, school events, and so much more. This gives students something to look at while they wait in line. The more dynamic and interesting you make your boards, the less grueling waiting in the lunchline will seem.

Digital menu boards encourage healthier choices.

In addition to listing menu items for that day, digital menu boards can also show nutritional information such as calories and fat grams. When students know what their dietary intake will be before ordering, they may be more likely to put healthier options on their plate. Featuring photos of healthier items may also make them look more attractive compared to less healthy options.

Increase sales of featured items.

Did you know that studies have shown digital signs receive 10 times more eye contact than traditional static signs? When your menus get more attention, sales will increase! Using photos can also help in making menu items more attractive to students.

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