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Meals Plus is a complete K-12 foodservice management software system. It operates in a Microsoft Windows environment, using a Microsoft SQL database, and runs on standard PCs - so there's no proprietary hardware required.

The integrated client-server based system features a centralized database and communicates with the district student information system via a variety of automated data exchange models. Data is housed on a Windows server on the district network or in the cloud, and is available in real time to all clients based on individual security settings. Program updates are automatic via the Internet, but are user controlled based on system privileges.

A variety of programming methods, including VB8, and, and SQL statements are used in the database. The reporting system is anchored by Crystal. Communications are TCP/IP-based and encrypted wherever necessary, and reports can be exported as MS Excel and PDF files.

The overall goal is to provide maximum functionality and minimum upkeep, while offering the greatest range of flexibility to accommodate a variety of school district infrastructures.

Beyond the numbers.

The true heart of the Meals Plus system is our technical support. This includes system implementation, product training and help desk. Our technical support commitment to our customers is made formal in our Service Level Agreement, which is posted and monitored publicly on our website.

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