“We cannot say enough great things about Meals Plus Point of Sale with the barcode reader. A student yesterday made the comment that he will get lunch now because it goes so fast to check out where last year it did not.”

Christina T.
Principal, Howard Street Charter School | Salem-Keizer Public Schools | Salem, OR

“Meals Plus makes point of sale and record keeping simple and easy. It’s extremely user friendly, and customer service is fabulous!”

Kristi R.
Assistant Superintendent | Grandview Independent School District | Grandview, TX

“Since our implementation of Meals Plus Student Eligibility, POS, and Accountability, our Peims Reports are accurate and our monthly claim is easy to process. Our cashiers feel confident in their ability to use the program, which keeps our lunchlines moving faster than they ever have, and our students and parents very happy! :)”

Kim T.
Food Service Director | River Road Independent School District | Amarillo, TX

“This is the ONLY software vendor that I work with where you can call and EVERYONE knows how to help you. There is never any wait time – someone is there to assist you immediately. I am totally satisfied with Meals Plus and the EXCELLENT customer service!”

Tammy S.
Technology Coordinator | Buckeye Central Local School District | New Washington, OH

“[My favorite part of Meals Plus is its] ease of use and the lack of time needed to maintain the server side of the product. The reliability is second to none.”

Jeffrey B.
Technology Coordinator | Northern Lehigh School District | Slatington, PA

“It is the most user friendly system I have seen. In purchasing this, I looked at many different systems and Meals Plus looked like it was everything we wanted and it has turned out to be just that. Meals Plus team members respond quickly to my questions and if they don’t know the answer, they find it for me. [My favorite part of Meals Plus is its] ease of use. I can train a cashier in about two minutes tops.”

Dianne S.
Clerk | Bay School District | Bay, AR

“I have been asked by several other director’s over the past few years about what software we use and I always give them the same story about Meals Plus – awesome support and response to new and changing issues, easy to teach folks how to use POS, and amazed at what we discover we can do as we look for ways for our software to help get our jobs done.  I really cannot say enough how we are still very pleased with our choice of Meals Plus!”

Jan K.
Food Service Director | Georgetown County School District | Georgetown, SC

“My experience with Meals Plus has been and continues to be positive. On the few occasions of needing technical support, when I call they are always pleasant and thorough. I feel they go above and beyond to make sure all my needs are met. Thank you and I look forward to another great year!”

Angie M.
Child Nutrition Manager | Iredell-Statesville Schools | Statesville, NC

“Our transition into using Meals Plus was completely effortless. The implementation team and trainers did a great job getting us set up and ready for the first day of school. It has been great! I haven’t [had to call] Meals Plus Support with a problem because we haven’t had one. I have only called with general questions. I am extremely satisfied that I get to speak with a technician when I call and every call has ended with a thorough answer to my question.

I have employees with completely different levels of technological abilities. We have all found Meals Plus easy to use and navigate. We keep finding out new and exciting things it can do. I cannot think of any additional things that Meals Plus could do to make a better program.”

Sue H.
School Food Service Director | Jefferson City Schools | Jefferson, GA

“Very simply, it works. Tech issues at the cafeteria level have dropped by 95%. The system is comprehensive, easy to use, requires very little maintenance and puts minimal demand on the district technology staff. Meals Plus has truly designed a system that works for our cafeteria staff. And as good as the software is, their support is even better!”

Walter C.
Food Services Director | Charleston County School District | Charleston, SC

“Meals Plus has proved to be a reliable and accurate system for tracking, reporting and storing data. They tailored our system to fit our school size and individual district needs; in just 45 serving days, our reimbursable meal sales increased 31% over the previous year. Our free and reduced participation has also increased significantly. I honestly have to say that Meals Plus ranks as one of the very best vendors we do business with.”

Patrick G.
Director of Business Operations | Upper Valley Career Center | Piqua, OH

“We are so pleased with the system and would never encourage our district to look elsewhere for service. It is so nice to have all of the support and ability to run reports, letters and feel so on top of what is going on in our system.”

Jenny C.
Secretary | Middletown City Schools | Middletown, OH

“Meals Plus is a great partner. They care about their customers being satisfied and that has earned my complete trust. Their consistent product improvements and friendly people make for a system that my staff and I have come to rely on as an invaluable tool that’s very easy to use. I’m very careful about recommending products to people I know, but I recommend Meals Plus every chance I get. They have never let me down.”

Susan W.
Director of Food Services | Huron City Schools | Huron, OH

“Without exception Meals Plus meets all of our food service management needs. I have worked with all facets of the system, including training new employees on the software, and it is solid – top to bottom. They have earned my confidence by living up to their promises of quality products and dedicated support. I’m able to focus on other responsibilities and not just putting out computer system fires. Meals Plus has really developed a low maintenance system. And the times I do need help, I don’t have to wait. It is an all-around exceptional approach to cafeteria technology.”

René S.
Food Services Computer Systems Manager | Darlington County School District | Darlington, SC

“I have three cashiers that are 67 years old and we started with Meals Plus in 2009. They have all mastered it and two of them had no prior computer experience.”

Tonya W.
Food Service Manger | Greenville City Schools | Greenville, OH

“I constantly get calls to switch POS systems and there is no way I would do it. The software is outstanding and the customer support is extremely dependable. I count on them and they come through for me. When I call, I get help, and I don’t have to wait. The whole Meals Plus package — software and people — gets the job done.”

Patrick B.
Supervisor of Operations | Hopewell City Public Schools | Hopewell, VA

“Meals Plus has so many tools but it is SO easy to use. But the best part of the system by far is the people. The tech support staff is very patient and just wonderful to work with.

I have seen and used other products. Meals Plus is better because of the people. It is clear that they develop their systems with a keen understanding of the skill level of their users. And that makes it easy for me to say that I highly recommend them whenever I’m asked.”

Suzanne M.
Administrative Assistant Business Affairs | Greenwood School District 50 | Greenwood, SC

“Data accuracy has greatly improved since implementing Meals Plus. Now we can fix any problems in the cafeteria immediately if they arise and the decreasing number of bad checks since using K12PaymentCenter.com is a welcomed change!”

Joyce D.
Administrative Assistant | Kingman Unified School District | Kingman, AZ

“Every year Meals Plus continues to improve. The software is very user-friendly, making using it much more enjoyable. Thanks for the good job you all do.”

Donna P.
Office of Food Services Secretary/Bookkeeper | Hampton District One | Varnville, SC