The Smartest Lunchroom: Go Digital and Save Paper

In the digital age, printed menus and manual processes just aren’t cutting it. You need smart technology designed specifically for school nutrition and food service programs in order to manage and promote your nutrition program most effectively. That’s why Meals Plus is striving to help create the Smartest Lunchrooms.

What is the Smartest Lunchroom?

The Smartest Lunchroom is digital, modern, and interactive. A reliable and easy-to-use point of sale system paired with online parent payments makes for a speedy service line. Students can even customize and pre-order their meal online before the lunch bell rings. Menus are displayed on eye-catching digital boards and online where they can be accessed by students and parents anytime from any device.

Behind the scenes, the Smartest Lunchroom is managed by one integrated, easy-sync system. Inventory can be managed by scanning items with a mobile device. Menus are easy to plan and post online with user-friendly tools. Real-time access to revenue and expense reports make it easy to analyze the financial health of your program.

In short, the Smartest Lunchrooms are backed by digital solutions designed specifically with K-12 schools in mind that simplify your operation and save you time so you can get back to what matters—feeding students!

Why the Smartest Lunchroom?

Today’s K-12 students live in a totally digital world. This has made them highly efficient multi-taskers that expect instant results, customization, and constant engagement. Millennial parents are equally tech-savvy and more health conscious than ever. The internet has empowered them to educate themselves about nutrition, so they expect answers at their fingertips as to what their children are being fed.

To keep up with these expectations, school nutrition programs must adapt to new technology to not only more effectively run their operation but to maintain and increase program participation. Fast food chains have modernized with digital menu boards, interactive websites, and online ordering, so why shouldn’t your lunchroom offer the same? The Smartest Lunchrooms use technology to give parents and students the fast, convenient and modernized service they expect and more!

How to build the Smartest Lunchroom?

Meals Plus is helping you build the Smartest Lunchrooms in your own cafeterias. From the front of the house to the back our solutions help make your operation far more efficient. Whether you’re looking for a more effective point of sale system, more accurate reporting, or a simpler way to promote your program, Meals Plus has a fully integrated solution designed specifically for school nutrition programs.

Make 2019 the year of your Smartest Lunchroom!

Learn more about the latest cloud-hosted version of Meals Plus and how to build your Smartest Lunchroom from industry experts at one of our 2019 LINQuest Conferences. Registration is now open! Click here to learn more.