Bay School District (AR) Impressed With Easy to Use Meals Plus Software

Meals Plus’ easy to use school cafeteria software was built exclusively for K-12 schools. The Bay School District (AR) child nutrition program is extremely satisfied with their decision to purchase Meals Plus. “It is the most user friendly system I have seen,” noted the district’s Food Service Director, Dianne Storr. After researching several other types of software Dianne helped make the decision to transition into Meals Plus software.

Since implementing the lunchroom software they have noticed how simple it is to use and train cafeteria staff to operate the school lunchroom point of sale system can be. “I can train a cashier in about two minutes tops,” Dianne says. This is due to our thorough training and the support staff’s dedication to quickly respond to questions. On average, over 90% of your questions are answered the first time by our Help Desk, so you don’t have to wait for a callback to get your question answered quickly!

For more on how Meals Plus helps school nutrition programs in Arkansas keep the lunchline moving, check out our Case Study from Forrest City Schools (AR)!