The Meals Plus Help Desk’s 2016 Report Card is In!

Meals Plus continues to provide top-notch customer service – and fast!

The Meals Plus Help Desk is excited to report yet another successful year with our 2016 performance statistics, including those provided by Meals Plus customer survey feedback.

The average time to answer a support call in 2016 was only 44 seconds. That’s right – even including July and August numbers, when call volume increases six-fold, Meals Plus customer calls in 2016 were answered in less than a minute on average! And as for time spent on the call, 97.8% of our customers said they were happy with how long it took to get to a resolution.  So, your call is answered in seconds and you quickly get to the resolution you need.

And the results of our random post-support call survey speak for themselves! On a scale of 1-5 with 5 being very satisfied, Meals Plus customers rated their satisfaction on the following:

  • The courtesy of the Technical Account Specialist: 4.93
  • The technical skills/knowledge of the Technical Account Specialist: 4.86
  • The timeliness of the service provided: 4.89
  • The quality of the service provided: 4.88
  • The overall service experience: 4.87

To learn more about our award-winning help desk, visit our “About Us” page!