Customer Spotlight: Kristi Rhone of Grandview ISD (TX)

Kristi Rhone is the Assistant Superintendent at Grandview Independent School District in Grandview, Texas. Grandview ISD utilizes Meals Plus Point of Sale, Student Eligibility and Menu Planning software to manage their child nutrition department. Get to know Kristi in our latest Customer Spotlight and click here to see other Meals Plus Customer Spotlights from across the country!

school lunch room softwareThe Dish: How long have you been using Meals Plus?
Kristi Rhone: We implemented Meals Plus the last two days of the ’13-’14 school year.

TD: What duties and responsibilities does your position entail?
KR: As Assistant Superintendent, I supervise the food service program and director of our school lunch program.

TD: What aspects of your position do you enjoy the most?
KR: I enjoy the interaction I have with students and teachers. My job allows me to participate daily in the ‘school business’ of educating children!

TD: What do you like to do in your free time?
KR: I enjoy vacationing in tropical areas with family and am an avid reader.

TD: What is your favorite “like” about Meals Plus and/or how has it helped your operations?
KR: We absolutely love the customer friendly aspect of Meals Plus so far. Our training was fantastic – relevant and concise. We look forward to an efficient program next year lead by Meals Plus!school_food_service