Do You Know How Much Your Food and Supplies Are Worth Today?

Do you know what each school has on the shelves right now? Meals Plus Inventory has the answer!

  • Easy to use, easy to learn
  • Provides accurate, timely reports
  • Simple function to update bid prices
  • Customizable for each role so that you only get access to the features you need

inventory software for schoolsOrganized, efficient and on top of everything. With Meals Plus, you get a centralized ordering and management system that helps you keep track of commodities, purchased foods, supplies and more – and maximize the efficiency of your inventory operations.

  • Capable of tracking a true perpetual inventory system
  • Includes Bid Analysis component
  • Enables electronic ordering
  • “FIFO” valuation method includes all items for an unlimited number of sites
  • Tracks an unlimited number of user-defined categories (USDA, supplies, processed, etc.)
  • Allows for limited item access by site
  • Fully integrated with menu planning component

Email “Meals Plus Matt” to talk about out how easy Inventory Management can be!