Lunchroom Promotion: Explore Your Options during Geography Awareness Week

increasing participation in lunchroomEvery school year, the School Nutrition Association lives up to its Vision of being an “…authority and resource for school nutrition programs.” They are a resource for child nutrition directors across the county by offering lots of easy-to-access resources, including their Promotional Calendar. By acknowledging awareness days, weeks, months and holidays, you can generate interest in what’s going on in your lunchrooms.

For example, Geography Awareness Week (November 16-22) is an excellent opportunity to not only try out foods from other countries or across the US, but decorate your lunchroom. The SNA suggests hanging eye-catching maps (the National Geographic Society is an excellent resource for these) or even ask geography quiz questions in the lunchline and award small prizes to the winners. If your cafeteria participates in Geography Awareness Week, tell us about it and we will share your story on our blog!

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