Graham’s Best Practices: Student Eligibility and Systems Management

Hi, I’m Graham! I’m Meals Plus. Cafeteria Software System

I want to make sure you get the most out of your cafeteria management software system. So if you’re a Meals Plus Student Eligibility or System Management customer, check out these “Best Practice” tips to help keep your lunchlines moving!

Student Eligibility:
• Grace Periods for adverse changes are setup under the Meal Benefit Expiration section of the Administration menu.
• The Unapplied and Approved % columns in the Demographics report are available for the day in which the report is ran.
• Once the Meal Benefit Expiration has run, all statuses must be changed from within an application rather than Point of Sale.

System Management:
• Close School Year & Begin School Year Checklists found in Appendix A of the System Management online Help file.
• Custom Spreadsheets can be created, saved, and exported from Export Data section of the Administration menu.
• New software features from an auto update are activated in the User Group Setup section of the Security menu.