Meals Plus Customer Spotlight: Linda Miller, Perkins Local Schools (OH)

Linda Miller of Perkins Local Schools (OH) is a long-time Meals Plus customer that is still finding new ways Meals Plus can help her child nutrition operations. She recently implemented the Menu Planning and Nutrient Analysis program, which helps her stay on top of allergies, menu components and has been “a huge time saver” for her. Get to know Linda in this “Meals Plus Customer Spotlight” and click here to “meet” other food service directors from across the US!

The Dish: How long have you been using Meals Plus?
Linda Miller: I have been a Meals Plus customer since the Fall of 2002. Ben Hooks (CEO) came to demo the system and helped set our school up. As more requirements have been placed on the shoulder of food service directors, I have come to rely on my Meals Plus cafeteria software more and more.

TD: What duties and responsibilities does your position entail?
LM: I am responsible for everything from soup to nuts and bolts! I manage my staff, order food, prepare bids and menus, along with the nutritional analysis of those menus. I am responsible for the upkeep of my software and tons of paperwork that the Meals Plus system helps me with, and even order the equipment and repair parts when necessary. Anything within the Food Service Department winds up on my desk. Meals Plus has made my job easier. Our school is up for review this year and I will be using many of the reports to prepare for the review. Thank you, Meals Plus!

TD: What aspects of your position do you enjoy the most?
LM: I truly enjoy my interactions with the students and my staff. They are what my job is all about.

TD: What do you like to do in your free time?
LM: I have two grandchildren, ages three years old and six months old. They are the light of my life. My husband and I both enjoy gardening, so I’m busy in the summer with flowers and preserving all the vegetables from the gardens. I also enjoy cooking, cross stitch, knitting, crochet and sitting down with a good book.

TD: What is your favorite lunch when you were in school?
LM: Pizza burgers and the wonderful homemade cookies our lunch ladies made every day! I have some of those cookie recipes from my high school days that I still make.

Thank you, Linda, for being a part of the Meals Plus Family!

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