Meals Plus Support Team’s October Statistics

According to the statistics gathered from our October 2014 surveys, last month was yet another successful month for the Meals Plus Technical Support Team! These surveys where randomly distributed amongst Meals Plus customers after they called in for technical support.

nutrient_analysis_softwareFrom 1-5 rating, the results were as followed:

  • The courtesy of the analyst? 4.95
  • The technical skills/knowledge of the analyst? 4.89
  • The timeliness of the service provided? 4.92
  • The quality of the service provided? 4.87
  • The overall service experience? 4.87

In addition to these statistics, the average time it took for Meals Plus to answer a technical support call in October was 51 seconds. The first call resolution was 94.7% last month, meaning that any questions or issues were solved on the first call 94.7% of the time!