Meet the Meals Plus Development Team – Judd

Get to know the Meals Plus Team! Judd is the Manager of the Development Team that continually improves the Meals Plus school lunchroom software system with enhancements and upgrades. Because Meals Plus software is developed and supported solely by Meals Plus employees, you can be sure your feedback is considered by the Development Team when it comes to adding enhancements to our software!

The Dish: How long have you been at Meals Plus?
Judd: Since the Spring of 2005.

TD: What duties and responsibilities does your position entail?
J: I manage all aspects of the software development process.

TD: What aspects of your position do you enjoy the most?
J: Problem solving. It could be a problem in our software or a creative solution to a new requirement or improving internal processes.

TD: What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
J: I enjoy being active, the outdoors and coaching my daughters’ sports teams.

TD: What was your favorite lunch when you were in school?
J: Munchos, Cool Ranch Doritos and chocolate milk. This was before parents could monitor your lunch. 🙂

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