Meet the Meals Plus Support Team – Gordon

Get to know the members of the Meals Plus Technical Support Staff! Gordon is a Technical Account Specialist, so if you call the Meals Plus Help Desk or receive onsite training for your school lunchroom software, Gordon may be the one to provide you with excellent customer support.

lunch_program_in_schoolThe Dish: How long have you been with Meals Plus?
Gordon: I have been with Meals Plus since January 2015.

TD: What duties does your position entail?
G: As a member of the Help Desk, I am responsible for assisting Meals Plus Customers both on the phones and in person.

TD: What do you like most about working with Meals Plus?
G: I enjoy helping people solve puzzles, so I enjoy finding solutions for our customers.

TD: What do you like doing in your free time?
G: Photography is my current hobby, but I get a new hobby about every six months. In the last two years, those include: origami, ukulele, cooking, board games and puzzles. Also, I like to climb the world’s smallest mountains.

TD: What was your favorite meal when you were in school?
G: Corn dogs!

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