Meals Plus Menus is USDA Approved

Meals Plus Menus is now USDA-approved for use in conducting nutrient analysis and is certified for Six Cent Reimbursement. Meals Plus’ Menu Planning and Nutrient Analysis software program make it easy for your school district to accurately apply for 6 cent meal reimbursement and meet the meal pattern requirements established by the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act.

nutrient analysis softwareIn addition, our school menu planning software makes it easy to manage your students’ food allergies, quickly build cycle menus and is fully integrated with the Meals Plus Inventory Management and Production Record components, which allows for automated usage tracking.

And like all of Meals Plus’ other software systems for K-12 school cafeterias, Meals Plus Menus is easy-to-use and supported by the best customer support team in the industry. (Click here to see our “Back to School” technical support statistics.)

For more information on Meals Plus Menus and Nutrient Analysis, contact us today!USDA_cafeteria_program_for_k12