Meet the Meals Plus Team – Graham

Get to know the Meals Plus Team! Graham is an integral part to the Meals Plus Team, as he represents what’s important to child nutrition – feeding children and keeping your lunchlines moving!

The Dish: How long have you been with Meals Plus?
Graham: I have been a part of Meals Plus since 2007, but really became ‘the face of Meals Plus’ in 2011. I started off small, by encouraging Meals Plus customers to register for our helpful webinars, and now I attend child nutrition conferences, am featured in School Nutrition magazine, and travel with our technical account specialists for new customer ‘go-lives’ and training sessions. I love it!

TD: What duties does your position entail?
G: I am sort of a liaison for Meals Plus Customers. Like I said, I connect them to our webinars, trade shows, and at new customer ‘go-lives,’ I help train cashiers. I’ve been in school cafeterias for years and want to help our customers fully utilize the Meals Plus product suite so they can operate the ideal K-12 lunchroom.

TD: What do you like most about working with Meals Plus?
G: I really love connecting with our customers! I like to think that the Meals Plus Team takes care of the people who take care of feeding children, and isn’t that the most important thing? My absolute favorite part of being in the cafeteria is seeing the students come through the line. It makes you realize that everything we do is for them.

TD: What do you like doing in your free time?
G: I am passionate about school nutrition and making sure Meals Plus customers have what they need to keep their lunchlines moving, so I like to read articles and watch webinars about our industry. And I take every opportunity to attend child nutrition events and talk to directors across the country about their operations. It’s so beneficial to find out what challenges they are facing and what successes they are having in their cafeterias, so I can help prevent the bad and share the good. Outside of the child nutrition industry, I like cooking, traveling, sports, and going to the beach!

TD: What was your favorite meal when you were in school?
G: Like most of the Meals Plus Team, my favorite meal was pizza. But last year, we published our first-ever Meals Plus Customer Cookbook, and WOW, did our customers submit some great recipes! They were are all tasty (click here to read some of the recipes) and one of my favorites is the Baked Cornbread Apple Cranberry Stuffing from Tracy Green-Deserto at Orange-Ulster BOCES (NY).

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