More “Back to School Tips” for Your Cafeteria Management System

In addition to the “Back to School” tips we posted last week, we have a few others regarding Direct Certification and your Meals Plus Point of Sale System. Remember – our Technical Support Staff are here to help make “Back to School” an enjoyable, not stressful, experience!

Point of Sale:

For offline mode to function properly, an alternate meal item needs to be setup in Item Setup. Otherwise, if you serve in offline mode, the student will not be charged for a second meal if one is served.

Also, serving numbers can be changed in Account Setup under the ‘Student’ drop-down box and with the ‘Change Serving #/Status/Balance’ utility if necessary.

Direct Certification:

Be sure to note the changes to the direct certification import screen. You now have the option of using either the address stored in Point of Sale or the address in the direct cert file. If you want to use the address in the direct cert file, you must check the box before importing. If you do not check this box, and do not have addresses in your student information section in Point of Sale, your addresses will be blank on your applications.

And just a reminder, social security number and case number are no longer required.

Also, look for step by step “Close 2012, Open 2013” documentation in the System Management Help Files in Appendix A.

As always, contact our Help Desk at 1-800-541-8999 with any questions you may have!